Ysina is a dry country in the southwest slightly above the equator, bordering Volara to its south. It is considered the main center of academics and medicine, trading with Volara for its medicinal herbs and berries. Ysina has had bad relations with Karruk, which unsuccessfully invaded Ysina in the Western War.


  • Ysinish people have light brown skin, curly oiled hair (often with fragrant oils) and brown or hazel/grey eyes.


  • Ysinish people worship a male and female couple combination (Issi and Ossi), which is looked down upon by Calicia, Novia and especially the devout Storm-god worshipping Karruk.

Natural ResourcesEdit

  • Blue wine (made with berries)
  • Gold
  • Emeralds
  • Wheat



  • Ysina is sworn against Karruk, and therefore also their ally Calicia

Recent EventsEdit

  • The Storm God's Vengeance was from 351-425, led by King Karr III as a holy war. This caused great damage to Ysina, once in a golden age.
  • The Western War from 440-443 caused damage to Ysina but they were not formally taken over.