The Western War was an invasion of Ysina by Karruk in 440.


  • King Karr IV came to power in 439 as a young man, and invaded Ysina to finish his father's work.
  • He insisted on going into battle himself and promised his younger brother Rakkar Munuk to take his place if he died.
  • His wife Ara followed him to Ysina, but they were both kidnapped in 440.
  • Rakkar took power in 440, with Ara Munuk and King Karr IV presumed dead.
  • Ara escaped on a ship and returned pregnant in 441, presumably with King Karr IV's child and the new heir.
  • In 442, the child, Karrin was born and was clearly from a Ysinish background, which was pointed out by Rakkar. Ara was killed at the command of Rakkar, but Karrin mysteriously vanished.
  • In 443, King Karr IV returned, with a new wife, Zahra Munuk, the fifteen-year-old daughter of the aristocrat who imprisoned him. They surrendered to Ysina and ended the war with the marriage. Rakkar stayed on as King Karr IV's second in command.