Novia is the country bordering Calicia to the South. Inhabitants include many Calicians but also Novians. Novia is a hot, mid-tropical country.


  • Warm and moist near the northern border with Calicia (like the southeast US)
  • Hot and tropical near the southern border with Inapis.
  • Lots of warm rain, and its notorious sunny rain days (which they believe are holy days)


  • Residents of northern Novia often have light skin and hair and are genetically Calician.
  • Residents of southern Novia have olive skin, brown hair and dark eyes. They are genetically Novian but do share some genetics with Calician people, through intermarriage.


  • Tonalis is the capital of Novia.
  • Sallanis- trading city on the Western coast of Novia
  • Mulis- trading city on the Eastern coast, trades with Worsia
  • Abaris- warm city on Southern coast

Natural ResourcesEdit

  • Olives
  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Sapphires


  • Novians worship a Sun God, which they believe is the successor of the Storm God of Calicia.
  • Novian-Calician relations are generally positive and bolstered by trade. They have been at peace since the end of the Twenty Years War in 370.



  • Novia is at peace with most humans, but the Seaborne are a concern for them.
  • Novia does not trade with Karruk although due to distance it poses no threat.