Karruk is an icy country in the far Northwest. They are known for lack of emotions and ruthless behavior, although this is by and large a stereotype. After the Western War ended in 443, Karruk has been left somewhat poor, with the ruling family holding most of the resources. There are rumors of cannibalism in Karruk among poor families.


  • Karruki people are light-skinned with long, hooked noses, almond-shaped eyes of any color, and dark hair. They are distantly related to the Calicians, and worship the same god with slightly different interpretations (they see a more vengeful, warlike god)

Natural ResourcesEdit

  • Fur
  • Whale oil
  • Iron
  • Rubies

Recent HistoryEdit

  • The Storm God's Vengeance was a series of minor invasions in Ysina from 351- 425.  Azakh Karr III gave up on the Storm God's Vengeance in 425, after numerous dreams told him that the Storm God was looking down upon the killing of Ysinish people.
  • Western War from 440-443. Karruk invaded Ysina in 440, and King Karr IV was kidnapped and held hostage in Ysina, along with his wife, Ara Munuk. Ana was let free during peace negotiations (held by King Karr's brother, Rakker Munuk). When she returned she gave birth to a child who turned out to be half-Ysinish. She claimed it was a child of rape but nobody believed her, and she and the child were both executed. King Karr IV returned and surrendered, with his new bride, Zahra Munuk, a Ysinese woman, who was the daughter of the Ysinese aristocrat who imprisoned him, Jallin Pao.
  • Crowning Zahra Munuk as queen created unrest in Karruk and has caused uprisings among local lords which are still an issue to this day, as well as resentment from Ysina which was left with many children of rape and burned farms. The war was costly and Karruk is in poverty.



  • Karruk is allied with Calicia, and nobody else.


  • Karruk is a sworn enemy of Ysina and has fought with them many times. They are also enemies of Worsia, and swear to help Calicia in the case of any Worsian-Calician wars. Except now, they do not have the resources to help, which has caused problems.