Darass is an island to the south of Volara. The inhabitants of Darass are known to be vampiric, something that happened because they have winter and darkness for most of the year.


  • Inhabitants of Darass have pale skin, red eyes and any color hair. Their eyes are often very far-set. They have winter and nighttime for the vast majority of the year and therefore they developed photosensitivity.
  • Darassi people only sustain themselves on meat and blood, primarily blood. They prefer the blood of humans--the younger the better.
  • Darassi have a history of posing as wealthy suitors and abducting Volarese women and children, which has caused wars and conflict with Volara.

Major EventsEdit

  • Darass was invaded by Volara in 405. The purpose was to wipe out all of Darass to prevent further killing of poor Volarese women for blood. About one third of the Darassi population was killed off by flash fires, but they managed to repopulate.