Calicia is the country in the northeastern quadrant of the World, bordering the region formerly known as Worsia, and above Novia.


  • Snowy tundra in the northeast by Larren and Worsia
  • Moist, temperate climate everywhere else- lots of rain, grass and forests
  • Slightly warmer, but still moist/temperate climate near the south by Novia.


  • People in the Northern mountain range of Larren are very pale with white hair and black eyes. They generally don't interact with our Calicians.
  • The rest of the Calicians generally have light skin, freckle easily and have brown, red or blonde hair.
  • Since the Worsian War in 402, people in the eastern part of Calicia are Worsians, and are broad and tall with blonde hair and light skin.

Major CitiesEdit


  • People in the northwest of Calicia, known as Woodkin, prioritize women over men and often have female leaders. They worship an Earth Goddess. They often live under trees in underground hollows.
  • Ordinary Calicians focus on the father and the first son as the most important people in the family. They worship the Storm God (Ravwah). A group of women known as the Wives of Ravwah vow to cover themselves at all times, even when alone.
  • Toward the south near Novia, Calicians are less religious.

Traditions, Holidays and CustomsEdit

  • Ravwer's Storm, the legendary storm that separated Karruk and Calicia, is celebrated every summer.
  • Maiden's Day is celebrated at the beginning of Spring


  • Wild game, quail and duck eggs

Natural ResourcesEdit

  • Fur, in the north
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Diamonds, in the far East near Worsia


  • Sailor's Port is an island primarily run by Calicia. The native population of Sailor's Port agree to use their island as a place for Calician trade as long as they are given some of the profits. The trade in Sailor's Port is primarily prostitution, although there are also exotic shops for unusual items.
  • Novia is an ally of Calicia, despite its bitter history of the Twenty Years War.
  • Inapis is an ally of Calicia
  • Karruk is an ally of Calicia, which puts Calicia in a bad situation with Ysina, the sworn enemy of Karruk.
  • Volara trades with Calicia but also trades with Ysina, so it must stay neutral.


  • Ysina harbors no specific bitterness toward Calicia, but they have been sworn allies with Karruk, and thus they must defend Karruk against Ysina.
  • Because they are allied with Inapis, they are sworn to fight against Paladrey.
  • Volara is not an enemy of Calicia but could become that way if they side with Ysina for any reason.
  • Worsia is the sworn enemy of Calicia.

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