A'maris is an island in the Three Sisters tropical region. People in A'maris are known primarily for their strange sexual behavior, which involves separating sexes until they are sixteen, and then mating once for life, keeping only same-sex lovers.


  • The people of A'maris are tall, lean and muscular with tan skin and thick, curly light brown or dark blonde hair. They tend to have broad, elegant noses that look like cats' noses, and large light-colored eyes.

Natural ResourcesEdit

  • Crystals (which make up the clothing of most of the A'marisi)
  • Exotic furs
  • Azzi berries (which most other cultures believe are solely aphrodesiacs, but are actually meant for heart health)


  • A'maris is at peace with most nations except for Calicia.


  • A'maris is not at war with anyone, but they do not have good relations with Calicia or Sailor's Port, due to kidnapping of A'marisi women for prostitution, and Calicia looking the other way.
  • A'maris has also had limited interactions with the Nereids.